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The Japanese watercolour technique

About my technique and your photos

The Japanese style of watercolour painting is ideal for natural subjects. The brush is soft, well-pointed and holds plenty of paint. This allows the expression of natural curvature in long, sweeping strokes. With the same brush you can produce soft washes on fairly large areas, while adding small details with the tip.

Even though I favour a Japanese brush, a variety of different-sized western brushes are very useful for backgrounds and lines, especially when used relatively dry.

Interpreting photographs

Sometimes customers don't have a particularly clear photograph, which may seem to be an insurmountable problem if the beloved pet is deceased. However I am usually able to capture the character even from small and faded pictures, and so far have never had to turn down a commission.

This is what some customers have said about my work:
"I am delighted with the likeness and impressed by the high quality of your work."
Christine Smith, London N14
"How thrilled I was to receive the lovely painting of our beloved rescued chihuahua Otto as a Christmas present. It is such a joy to look at and admire."
Ms Brenda Hayes, Stratford-Upon-Avon.